ECIJA BrandWatch

business-men-on-laptopIs your name, brand and reputation being abused online?

  • Every successful business needs online real estate, an online marketplace to advance and promote their business expertise, trust, reputation and skill. Yet many neglect to protect their online brand and reputation.
  • It costs any business time and money to establish a successful online presence a�� but takes only moments to lose that investment!
  • It is so easy for your name, brand and reputationA�to be subjected to attack from misleading, outdated or inaccurate content online a�� all or any of which will affect income and revenues.
  • The perception is that to investigate and prosecute online abuse is too difficult and expensive

Oa��Connor Swale Partners in association with ECIJA Brand Watch has the solution!


What is ECIJA – Brand Watch?

E-BW is an Active Online Protection Service to monitor, detect, report, manage and remove any abuse or legal infringements impacting on names, brands and products, offering immediate legal and technical resources 24×7×365.

How does ECIJA – Brand Watch work?

Combined together with a Back Room Intelligence Service (Legal /Technical – Security Operation Centre) E-BW the source of the abuse or infringements and captures that information in a globally accepted evidential format. The service is structured into three action levels:

1st. and 2nd levels are supported by software tools that help to identify the infringing sources, then track and classify them. These tools integrate a series of online robots that crawl the web constantly with the purpose of to detecting any potential abuse or infringements. These software tools are also complemented with technicians in order to discard the “noise” and also to search in opaque and non-public websites.

The 3rd level provides legal and technical takedown measures.

What does ECIJA – Brand Watch provide that a Search Engine cannot?

E-BW crawls the entire web, identifying, collating and reporting on sources of abuse or other infringements across multiple platforms. A search via a single search engine would only identify a fraction of all online mentions and the results of that search are likely to be unspecific* by date or your own particular relevance – as the Search Engines own commercial interests will influence the results you get back. Then you will need to replicate this one search on all available search engines in order to achieve anything approaching the results of E-BW – and then in almost every case you will need to shift and format these results into a usable format. Finally, if you may need to take formal legal action against a potential abuser or infringer, then you will need to take your information to a service that will replicate those searches and provide the data in an evidential format. Semantic intelligence is also a relevant value of E-BW. Where search engines just provide neutral results, E-BW provides semantic results with sentiments on search results.

*Google is one of the few Search Engines that provides an ‘Advance’ feature which enables an end-user to refine the dates or terms of the search.

Why should I pay for a service that I can do for free with a Google search?

A simple search via Google will provide only a fraction of the possible mentions that would be found by a search using E-BW. E-BW provides a ‘cradle-to-grave’ provision services that search, report, technically manage and, if necessary, litigate against potential abuses or infringements. The report provided by even the most basic of searches will contain a comprehensive collation of open source data from multiple platforms including Press, Social Media, Blogs, Micro-blogs and News Groups. This data will be sorted by relevance, date and threat level, assisting our client to make an informed decision on what next action is appropriate.

How much does it cost?

E-BW services are available in a number of different ways to suit both client needs and budgets: From a simple personal one-off ‘Search & Report’ to identify a specific threat or incident, or to just draw a metaphorical line in the sand around an individual’s online footprint (particularly relevant for job applicants) to a more comprehensive and ongoing monitoring service designed to support Corporates, Brands (including Celebrities or other High Net Worth Individuals). These products are designed and priced with our particular clients in mind.