Customers ResearchA�Companies

Potential customers research online before they do business!

Out-dated, misleading or inaccurate information online about you or your business will damage your name, brand and reputation.

Employers Research Candidates

Potential Employers do undertake detailed online vetting of candidates a�� and for enhanced vetting positions this will include the use of similar Internet Monitoring software.

Clients and Suppliers Research Business Partners

Clients and suppliers will undertake detailed online vetting of potential business partners to provide as full a picture as possible of the company and its key personnel. Competitors use the perceived anonymity of posting online to attack your business and gain advantage.

Can you afford not to monitor whata��s being said about you and your brand online?

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Social Media Business FootprintA�

Useful Information and Links on BusinessA�Brand Reputation

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Read the case study of aA�Large Irish Based Manufacturer as an example.